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Afghanistan Votes

Amazing photos of today’s election in Afghanistan are making their way through Twitter. A great place to start is with @afghansvote, the feed of a crowdsourced, citizen journalism project that’s monitoring the elections and is based out of Kabul.

Images: A man whose finger was severed by the Taliban after a previous election has a different one marked after he votes, via @ToloNews; a group of voters salute “the enemies of #Afghanistan,” via @JavedAzizKhan; women wait to vote outside of Kabul, via @HabibKhanT; and a woman explains to the AFP why she votes, via @dawn_com.  

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Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope - Artist Return Cards (So far)

A selection of completed Artist Return Cards featuring scenes and characters from the Star Wars: A New Hope NPR radio drama.

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As I traveled to Jupiter to get some pictures…feeling like batman.

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And I never built another one.

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Sorry for crappy handwriting and drawing.

Warframes are hard to draw. This is my first. -sobbu-

My friend and I ship our warframes.
Banshee (Lirit) belongs to her.
Rhino (Kratos) belongs to me.

Rhino protected Banshee. That’s what happened at the end. And yeah.

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Warframe by masateru

Reblog if I’m allowed to send you in character asks even if we have never talked before.

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I present the most badass gifset on Tumblr.

Legitimately turned on by this

This is the best thing.

Oh my god

I don’t even know this fandom and this is cool.

Reason #999 why the cartoon will always be ONE MILLION PERCENT better than that travesty of a movie. They did so much research and put so much detail in you don’t even notice.

Bonus trivia: Toph got a unique martial arts style to match her distinct version of Earthbending (Southern Praying Mantis style, I think) which the creators found out later was (according to legend) invented by a blind woman. Totally a coincidence, but still so fucking cool.

(If you don’t watch the show, Toph is both blind from birth and the best damn Earthbender in the world. Also, GO WATCH THE SHOW.)


Daily reminder that the guy in these gif sets once made a tumblr (dunno if he still has it) and said sexually inappropriate things to a bunch of tween girls.

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